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The Hendra Vean flock was established in 1996 with four ewes and a ram; it remained small until 2004 when the opportunity to expand presented itself. It now boasts the largest flock of pure bred pedigree Cotswold sheep in Wales with nearly 50 breeding ewes some of which can be traced to the Garne flock (see The breed of sheep). It is the 5th biggest flock out of the 106 flocks registered with the Cotswold Sheep Society.

Although far away from their native Cotswold Hills, the Hendra Vean flock thrive in the rich pasture of the Clettwr valley. To enable the lambs to develop before the breed sale in early August, lambing takes place in the middle of February with the breeding stock being sorted as early as possible; the remainder are sold for meat. The sheep are shorn in May/June and the fleeces are spun into throws, scarves, and other woollen goods.

All the woollen products are carefully crafted from the wool of our rare breed pedigree flock of Cotswold sheep

In addition to selling the woollen products we have pedigree stock available for purchase and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.

The flock is run to a high standard and is Farm Assured.